A recap of the CIA’s fall seminars: here’s what you missed

This article originally appeared in the CIA (e)Bulletin.

Seminar for the Appointed Actuary

Welcoming close to 300 actuaries, this year’s Seminar for the Appointed Actuary (AA) centered around valuation and financial reporting in both the life and P&C practice areas.

Taking top billing: the upcoming implementation of IFRS 17, a subject that continues to dominate discussions industry-wide. Sessions led by the Committee on Life Insurance Financial Reporting (CLIFR), the Committee on Property and Casualty Financial Reporting (PCFRC), and others focused on discount rates, market consistent valuation, LICAT/CARLI, and contractual service margins. An update from the Actuarial Standards Board (ASB) examined proposed changes to the DCAT/FCT standard of practice, and the role of the Appointed Actuary under IFRS 17.

Once again, the always-popular professionalism session was a hit among attendees, offering a fully interactive experience with live polling, engaged debate, and an open Q&A with panellists.

To close, featured keynote speaker Dr. Ann Cavoukian, former Information and Privacy Commissioner for Ontario, highlighted the increasing importance of privacy in the modern technological age, and how the Privacy by Design framework can help businesses and actuaries avoid privacy breaches.

Recordings and presentations from the AA seminar are available on the website (login required).

Actuarial Evidence (AE) Seminar

At the AE Seminar, speakers from the legal, government, financial, and academic communities joined forces with actuaries for presentations on current issues within actuarial evidence.

Topics such as cyberspace in tort law, actuarial methods applied to real estate and equipment maintenance, and the impact of opioid use on mortality demonstrated how actuarial skills extend beyond traditional areas of practice. Beyond technical content, participants learned about ethical issues in expert testimony by financial professionals and attended business-oriented sessions on growing one’s practice and attracting new actuarial evidence practitioners.

AE Seminar presentations and recordings are also available on the website (login required).

Lending a helping hand

Both seminars offered opportunities for participants to reconnect and get acquainted, but it was the inclusion of the Helping Hands activity at the Seminar for the Appointed Actuary that made this year’s event a truly memorable experience.

Sponsored by Valani Global, AA seminar participants took part in a giving-back activity where small teams of actuaries worked together to build prosthetic hands for amputees affected by landmines and other hazards around the world. 

Thanks, and see you next year

Special thanks to AA patron sponsors SCOR SEPartnerRe, and Valani Global, and contributor sponsor Oliver Wyman, as well as everyone involved in the planning and preparation of this year’s seminars.

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