Real-time Epidemic Datathon: A tool for disease outbreak analysis

This article originally appeared on the CIA COVID-19 Hub.

Real-time Epidemic Datathon is a collective, open-source, real-time forecasting challenge aimed at joining forces to push modelling limits further for real-time epidemic forecasting at a large scale.

Organized by several partner organizations, the goal of the project is to bring together researchers and students from different disciplines (e.g., computer science, epidemiology, physics, statistics, applied math, etc.) and advance real-time epidemic modelling frameworks while providing a platform for scientific exchange and discussion.

Participating teams can submit predictions of COVID-19 case evolutions in different countries and evaluate/compare their modelling approaches.

Who can join

Everyone can join and contribute in various ways by:

  • registering as a developer (individual or with a team) of a real-time epidemic forecasting model;
  • registering and monitoring scientific developments (see our disclaimer section); or by
  • sharing the news about this event and helping us to reach more contributors.

Visit Real-time Epidemic Datathon for more information and how to get involved.

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