Welcome to Seeing Beyond Risk!

By Sandra Caya, Director of Communications and Public Affairs at the CIA

Welcome to your portal into the world of Canada’s actuaries and actuarial profession.

The Canadian Institute of Actuaries is a 6000-member strong professional association, with actuaries across Canada and working internationally. You’re reading this because you are one of our members, a partner of the CIA, an actuarial professional outside Canada, or perhaps you are considering becoming an actuary or you want more information about actuaries and their skills. This site is for you!

We have collected the best of our news and stories from the last few months and populated the site for launch. As new content is added each week, you can watch for even more articles to appear in each of our sections:

  • Actuarial practice: Stay up to date on the guidance and standards that are essential to the success of actuarial practice.
  • Research: Dig into our new research reports, key findings, and important messages about the evolving practice.
  • At work: Read stories about our members’ jobs, successes, and CIA activities.
  • Actuaries 101: Learn about the fundamentals of being an actuary, the pathway to becoming an actuary, and the business skills you need to grow in your career.
  • Events: Follow the happenings at our events and professional development activities.
  • Public policy: Learn how the CIA is engaging with decision-makers and making sure the voice of Canada’s actuaries is being heard.
  • Partners: Read about our actuarial partners and colleagues in Canada and around the world.
  • Opinions: Hear from our members and their thoughts on current trends, changes in the industry, and opinions about the actuarial profession.

All articles are tagged and categorized, making it easy to search and find content that applies to your practice area or interests. Explore the sections, check out our trending topics, and make sure to share your thoughts through the commenting feature on posts to generate a conversation with your colleagues. You can also share your thoughts on any of the CIA’s social channels, or share the most interesting posts on your own feeds.

On this site you will also find our Seeing Beyond Risk Podcast, featuring interviews with CIA members and other professionals, discussing topics such as insurance, risk, longevity, health care, personal career stories, and much more. You can also subscribe to the podcast on Spotify or Apple Podcasts to receive each new episode automatically.

We invite all our members to submit articles for consideration – the more voices, the better.

Join us in seeing beyond risk… and towards a future of possibilities! Enjoy!

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