Running it back: A look at the top 10 podcasts for 2021

Here’s a rundown of this year’s most downloaded podcasts – some you may have heard, others you might have missed.

Tune in for this actuarial playlist with topics that will keep you entertained and informed all the way into the new year:

  1. Impacts of climate change on actuarial practice

Climate change was a popular topic of discussion at the act21 conference, with several sessions addressing its impact on actuarial practice. Guest host Gaetano Geretto, FCIA, and members of the CIA’s Climate Change and Sustainability Committee – FCIAs André Choquet, Zahir Bhanji, and Frédéric Matte – review what was covered and how these conversations will shape the profession’s challenges going forward.

  1. The impact of negative interest rates

With yields hitting historical lows, the emergence of negative interest rates has become a more real possibility. In this episode, economist Jake Meyer, PhD, provides insight into how North American financial markets could be affected by negative yields. Marshall Posner, FCIA, also joins the podcast to look at the potential impact on pension practice and the computation of commuted values.

  1. International actuarial work with Mike Hafeman

This is the second of three discussions about how CIA members have contributed to the profession by working outside of Canada. In this episode, we hear from Mike Hafeman, FCIA, who discusses his extensive international experience, which has taken him to 74 countries and includes work with diverse locations such as Eritrea, Micronesia, and Eswatini.

  1. CIA public statement on pharmacare

The CIA released a public statement entitled Pharmacare: Is There a Pill for That? outlining the profession’s thoughts on how a nationwide framework to provide prescription drug coverage for Canadians should be structured. In this episode, we hear from Paul Kennedy, FCIA and a member of the task force that authored the statement, as he outlines some of the statement’s key messages.

  1. A question of ethics: Concerns among the profession

Frank Grossman, FCIA, joins us to share the findings of a recent CIA survey examining the ethical issues encountered by members within the profession and the extent to which these issues might pose an ethical problem for the actuarial profession over the next five years.

  1. Education and longevity

A number of well-known factors – such as obesity and socio-economic status – can have an impact on longevity. But education levels can also have a surprisingly significant effect on life expectancy. Rob Brown, FCIA, joins the Seeing Beyond Risk podcast to discuss his paper’s findings.

  1. Quantification of cyber risk for actuaries

Released in May 2020, this paper, jointly prepared by the CIA with the Society of Actuaries and the Casualty Actuarial Society, presents a new framework to analyze the potential cyber risks facing organizations. The report’s co-author Unal Tatar, and Fei Xie, FCIA a member of the project oversight group, join us for the discussion.

  1. Reimagining pension solvency funding

Joseph Nunes, FCIA and co-author of the CIA’s insight statement, Protecting Pensioners of Traditional Defined Benefit Plans: A New Approach to Solvency Funding and Benefit Reductions on Plan Wind-up, joins the podcast to provide an overview of the paper and the discussion it has generated.

  1. A mathematical model for assessing impacts of policies related to funding of pension plans

Funding approaches continue to be a topic of interest in the Canadian pension world, with provincial regulators examining different methodologies. In this episode, George Ma, FCIA, discusses his research paper that presents a model to assess the impact of these varying approaches.

  1. Actuaries and YouTube

The emergence of social media in the past couple of decades has provided actuaries with new opportunities to connect and reach a wider audience. In this episode, Vy Le, FCIA, joins us to discuss her own YouTube channel, the content she provides, and how it has benefited her personally and professionally.

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