Your 10 best reads of 2021

It’s that time of year again where we bring you the top stories from Seeing Beyond Risk.

Looking for some holiday reads that will keep you informed about the profession while earning you valuable time towards your CPD? This is where you’ll find it.

Browse our year end wrap-up for a look at the top articles in 2021:

  1. Living well in retirement is the goal of all Canadians, but how prepared are we?

With COVID-19 transitioning from pandemic to endemic, the Canadian retirement landscape remains a vulnerable sector. In the 2020 Retirement Risk Survey, conducted in partnership with Ipsos, the CIA asked Canadians a series of provocative questions about their retirement and long-term planning.

The survey focused on how well Canadians understood longevity and life in retirement, and how accurate their expectations are around having a disability in retirement, needing long-term care, and more.

  1. DC plans in the decumulation phase: an opportunity to be seized

More and more pension plan participants are entering the decumulation phase of their lives, having a sizable proportion of their retirement assets in a defined contribution (DC) plan or savings plan such as an RRSP. But is there a way they can continue to reap the benefits of pooling their assets for this new phase of their financial life?

  1. Let’s talk about actuaries in the movies

It is somewhat rare for actuaries to make appearances in pop culture. Not unlike large segments of society in general, the profession remains fairly unknown to the entertainment industry – but not unheard of entirely. Chris Fievoli, FCIA, showcases the times – both great and small – that the profession has made it to the big screen.

  1. Long live rock

Our favourite rock stars continue to make music and tour even as they reach ages most of us hope to be well enough to enjoy. Chris Fievoli, FCIA, offers a few possible explanations on why rock star mortality, once horrendously high in the seventies, is now – to the pleasure of fans – better than ever.

  1. Text analytics: A Twitter case study

The rising availability of big data and the use of predictive analytics are changing how insurers and actuaries operate. As companies face growing competitive pressures to perform, knowing how to mine and recognize the importance of data, in all forms, has become a prime advantage.

  1. Hélène Pouliot and four new Directors join CIA Board

The newest members of the CIA Board joined on July 1, 2021. Get to know these new members and learn how they intend to improve and contribute to the CIA.

  1. Three and counting: Celebrating International Women’s Day

Held annually on March 8, International Women’s Day (IWD) is the chance to celebrate the excellence of women and girls worldwide.

This year, the Institute showed its support by participating in IWD’s #ChooseToChallenge, paying homage to women in the actuarial profession whose representation and accomplishments have paved the way for change.

  1. A conversation with Sam Broverman

After 45 years of teaching actuaries and being connected to the actuarial profession, University of Toronto professor Sam Broverman will be retiring in 2022. In this episode, Sam reflects on his years as an instructor and discusses his hobby as a jazz performer.

  1. Genesis of CAAT’s Dbplus: Nobis Cura Futuri – Can we do more?

Although the workplace is changing, the need for valuable, secure pensions is not.

After a quarter-century of troubling trends, the not-for-profit CAAT Pension Plan decided to take a leadership role to deliver a better future for Canadians, employers, and society. This required the removal of barriers to achieve joint success.

  1. Placing an actuarial seat at the pharmacare table

The principle that all Canadians should have access to affordable health care is a deeply rooted Canadian value. That’s why, for more than 50 years, studies commissioned by the federal government have come back saying the same thing – prescription drugs should be part of medicare. However, designing and funding an optimal prescription drug plan for all Canadians is complex.

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