Your top 10 research publications for 2021

Despite the ongoing disruptions of COVID-19, 2021 has proven itself to be another big year of outputs for CIA research. With over 25 reports published in the year to date and more projects on the horizon, the Institute continues to position itself as a voice of research authority.

Join us in looking back at the top 10 research publications of 2021.

  1. The Future of COVID-19 in Ontario: Variants, Vaccines, and Avoiding Future Waves

As COVID-19 continues to evolve, so do the changing factors around it – new variants, vaccines, seasonality, and dynamic government intervention measures – making predicting future outcomes an increasing challenge.

To understand the pandemic in the face of these uncertain factors this research presents modelling scenarios for Ontario using different variables.

  1. Report on Canadian Economic Statistics 1924–2020

In this members-only exclusive, we present the findings of the 45th report on Canadian economic statistics issued by the CIA’s Committee on Investment Practice.

  1. C-19 Canadian Mortality Model Report

Authored by Terry Narine, FCIA, this paper presents a new user-friendly tool to help actuaries incorporate COVID-19 deaths into standard Canadian mortality tables.

  1. Report 4: COVID-19 Canadian Insurance Industry Monthly Aggregate Data Analysis

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to run its course, our collective understanding of the virus and its impact grows. Research projects and data collection efforts are happening on many fronts. Learn how the CIA and its members are making crucial contributions.

  1. A Mathematical Model for Assessing the Impacts of Policies Related to the Funding of Pension Plans

George Ma, FCIA, presents a simple mathematical model to assess the impacts of funding reform on the continuity and sustainability of pension plans. The report also includes insights into the trade-offs between costs and benefit security levels and the potential for adjustments to contributions.

  1. 2020 Retirement Risk Survey – Key Findings

In this survey, conducted with Ipsos, we asked Canadians a series of provocative questions about their retirement and long-term planning.

Read the key findings to learn how well Canadians understand longevity and life in retirement, the accuracy of their expectations around health in retirement, financial planning, needing long-term care, COVID-19 impacts, and more.

  1. Hedging longevity risk in the Canadian market

Longevity risk is the danger of one outliving their retirement savings, a challenge to maintain their living standards, or a difficulty to afford the ever-increasing costs of health care and retirement housing.

This paper presents the indexes and hedging tools proving effective in capturing the variability of mortality rates and require only one mortality index to cover the hedging of annuities or life insurance products for several retirement ages.

  1. 14th Annual Survey of Emerging Risks – Key Findings

From climate change to global economic outlooks – get insights into the new ways risk managers are thinking about emerging risks, their trends over time, and the strategic implications.

  1. A Comparative Analysis of PfAD Designs

Several Canadian pension jurisdictions have revised their funding regulations for defined benefit pension plans, resulting in fundamental differences among provision for adverse deviation (PfAD) designs.

In this report, George Ma evaluates three PfAD design alternatives to measure the effectiveness of stabilizing funding for pension plans under an environment of changing interest rate.

  1. Population aging, implications for asset values, and impact for pensions plans: An international study

Consensus on the potential impact of population aging on asset values can vary from benign to extreme.

This research from the CIA, Society of Actuaries, and Casualty Actuarial Society aims to identify the sensitivity of asset returns to demographic factors; while simultaneously illustrating the impact of varying demographic factors on the finances of pension plans in Canada, the UK, and the US.

Did your favourite research read make the list? Tell us what you enjoyed about it in the comments below. If not, let us know which publications we missed and why!

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