AuthorKelly Fry

The Actuarial Foundation of Canada

The Actuarial Foundation of Canada (AFC) aims to promote awareness and education in mathematics and actuarial science through a number of programs and endeavours. Jill Harper, FCIA, Chair of the AFC Communication Committee, joins us to provide more information on the organization and some of their current projects.

A question of ethics: Concerns among the profession

Frank Grossman, FCIA, joins us to share the findings of a recent CIA survey examining the ethical issues encountered by members within the profession and the extent to which these issues might pose an ethical problem for the actuarial profession over the next five years.

A look at insurtech

“Insurtech” is a buzzword heard with increasing frequency. In this episode, Blake Hill, FCIA, joins us to explain what insurtech is all about, how traditional insurance companies should react to it, and what roles actuaries can play in this area as it evolves.

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