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Financial insecurity is a growing reality for Canadians in retirement

Despite being associated with a more comfortable, confident retirement, more than half of Canadians do not have a financial plan for their retirement, which results in most retired Canadians having less income in retirement than they did when working. Compared to 80% of individuals who do have a plan and expect to live comfortably in retirement, this is a discrepancy that may indicate an earlier...

Anticipating the need for long-term care and its costs

Many Canadians underestimate the risks associated with old age illnesses or the likelihood that they will require long-term care in their later years. A significant number also lack understanding of the costs associated with long-term and in-home nursing care. While some Canadians are planning for their long-term care needs, many more are left unprepared and ill-equipped to face the challenges of...

Reimagining Pension Solvency Funding: Join the conversation

In Canada, pension promises made to employees by employers are not guaranteed by insurance contracts. What happens when an employer goes out of business and a pension plan becomes wound up? Scenarios like this often run the risk that the assets set aside to deliver the promised pensions may not be sufficient. The question begs: Is there is a better approach to addressing underfunded pension plans...

Putting financial security for all Canadians into the right words

The Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA) is proud to share its updated corporate language, refreshed to better represent the evolving focus of the Institute on important topics such as education, risk management, and diversity and inclusion. Like all professions, the actuarial profession is evolving and responding to unprecedented changes in our society and economy, and our language should...

Actuaries Climate Index down again in latest five-year average

The winter 2020-21 data release of the Actuaries Climate Index (ACI), which provides objective measures of specific and aggregate changes in climate extremes and sea level across Canada and the U.S., shows a second consecutive small decline in the index’s five-year moving average and now sits at 1.19 points above the ACI reference period.

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