Climate Risk from the Canada Pension Plan’s Perspective

Assia Billig, FCIA, FSA; Christine Dunnigan, FCIA, FSA; and Jackie Ruan, FCIA, FCAS

In a world marked by extreme weather events and climate uncertainties, understanding the financial landscape becomes crucial. Discover the Office of the Chief Actuary's (OSFI) innovative approach to assessing climate-related risks and their potential impact on social programs.

Reflecting Climate Change in the Canada Pension Plan

As actuaries continue to understand the implications of climate change on their practices, it can be useful to see the work that others have done. Recently, the Office of the Chief Actuary completed an exercise that modelled different climate scenarios within the Canada Pension Plan’s projections. Joining us to discuss this work and other climate-related topics is FCIA Assia Billig, Chief Actuary...

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