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AI – risks, principles and regulations

Obim Okongwu

Artificial intelligence (AI) has recently piqued the world’s curiosity. While the trigger for all this attention was the capabilities of generative AI and large language models along with chatbots such as ChatGPT, the promise of AI is clear.

The IAA’s President reflects on the profession’s evolution and opportunities

On September 2, the CIA and the IAA are celebrating International Actuaries Day. This observance marks a significant historical milestone. The International Congress of Actuaries (ICA) held their inaugural meeting on September 2, 1895, in Brussels. Consequently, September 2 stands as a significant moment in history for the global profession as the first identifiable moment in which actuaries from...

Navigating the field of actuarial science: insights from a recent graduate

Looking back at my actuarial science journey and what it has been to this point, I am not able to condense the experience down to a single aspect. Rather, it has been the sum of the experiences, opportunities and conversations that I’ve had to this point that have led me to where I am today. And I’m very excited to explore the areas and skills connected to actuarial science as well, such as data...

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