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The impact of mental health claims on group benefits: More than meets the eye

Episode 64 of the Seeing Beyond Risk podcast discusses the evolving landscape of mental health along with the impact of mental health claims on group benefits plans and proposes many interesting strategies to help organizations mitigate rising costs. But things are not so simple when it comes to mental health and there are many aspects to consider. Here we will delve deeper into some of the...

Mental health claims in the group benefits market

In recent years, mental health claims have become an increasingly prominent cost driver in the group benefits market. Paul Kennedy, FCIA and Laura Pratt join us to discuss why this has happened, and what strategies employers and group benefits providers can use to mitigate the impact.

Mortality considerations in the time of COVID-19

By Steve Bocking, FCIA, and Marie-Andrée Boucher, FCIA, respective Vice-Chair and Chair of the Committee on Life Insurance Financial Reporting (CLIFR) The experience related to the impact of COVID-19 on insured mortality is very preliminary and is just starting to emerge. In the absence of more robust information and data, here are a few considerations related to mortality assumptions: Several...

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