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Promoting the expertise of actuaries to the public is one of the CIA's priorities. As the profession's profile continues to heighten, it is with pride that we highlight the impactful contributions and influence of our members at home and abroad.

CIA public statement on pharmacare

The CIA has released a public statement entitled “Pharmacare: Is There a Pill for That?” outlining the profession’s thoughts on how a nationwide framework to provide prescription drug coverage for Canadians should be structured. In this episode, we hear from Paul Kennedy, FCIA, a member of the task force that authored the statement, as he outlines some of the statement’s key messages.

Placing an actuarial seat at the pharmacare table

The principle that all Canadians should have access to affordable health care is a deeply rooted Canadian value. This is why, for more than 50 years, studies commissioned by the federal government have come back saying the same thing – prescription drugs should be part of medicare. And, if you asked most Canadians today, they would support the principle that all of us should have access to the...

The floor is yours

In early 2020, the consultation process for the level-2 public statement on national pharmacare began. Over 20 members responded to our call and submitted their comments.

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