Reimagining pension solvency funding

Joseph Nunes, FCIA and co-author of the CIA’s recent insight statement, Protecting Pensioners of Traditional Defined Benefit Plans: A New Approach to Solvency Funding and Benefit Reductions on Plan Wind-up, joins us to provide an overview of the paper and the discussion it has generated.

Reimagining Pension Solvency Funding: Join the conversation

In Canada, pension promises made to employees by employers are not guaranteed by insurance contracts. What happens when an employer goes out of business and a pension plan becomes wound up? Scenarios like this often run the risk that the assets set aside to deliver the promised pensions may not be sufficient. The question begs: Is there is a better approach to addressing underfunded pension plans...

A portrait of the pension industry in a time of uncertainty

By Jared M. Mickall, FCIA, Chair of the Committee on Pension Plan Financial Reporting Pension plan sponsors are focusing on the safety of their people and the continuation – and, in some cases, survival – of their operations. Pension regulators across the country have implemented various measures in response to these events. Administrators and trustees of defined benefit plans are digesting the...

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