A lesson in “feeling the fear and doing it anyway” with Angelita Graham

Each election cycle is an opportunity for the CIA to welcome new voices and perspectives to the table. We want all members to feel empowered to stand for election, bringing their diversity of backgrounds, knowledge, and thought to the ballot. Angelita Graham, former CIA Board member and 2020 Award of Excellence recipient, shares her thoughts on Board service and some encouraging words for those...

My gender + My skin color = ?

I cannot help but think about the meaning of being a black woman in corporate Canada. For years, I participated in women’s initiatives that were meant for us to openly discuss our challenges, insecurities, frustrations and aspirations. They provided us with a safe environment where we would unapologetically be ourselves. What happened in these meetings stayed in these meetings... Today, as we...

5 minutes with Mercy Yan

Listen in as Mercy Yan, FCIA, retired actuary, and recipient of the 2021 Award of Distinction, shares how being a volunteer has enriched her professional life and the communities she serves in 5 minutes with…

Guess who’s coming to dinner!

Black History Month (BHM) is a time-honoured tradition, one where we reflect on the enormous contributions Black people have made, and continue to make, in all sectors of society. As the CIA moves forward to address gaps in diversity, equity, and inclusion within the profession, recognizing and celebrating BHM is a small, but important, demonstration of that commitment.

5 minutes with Pierre Lepage

Tune in as Pierre Lepage, FCIA and recipient of the 2021 Excellence Award, shares the pivotal moment he decided to become a CIA volunteer and learn what he has accomplished as a result of taking on this rewarding opportunity.

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