The AFC looks back on a busy year

This article originally appeared in the CIA (e)Bulletin.

The Actuarial Foundation of Canada’s (AFC) campaign efforts paid off tremendously, surpassing its objective and collecting more than $175,000 in donations – its highest campaign results to date. Funds raised and the number of individual donors were the highest ever!

Each year, the AFC conducts a fundraising campaign to support the programs and initiatives it sponsors. Setting its sights on a new record, the AFC aimed to bring in $150,000 for its fall 2019 campaign – an ambitious objective to meet an ever-increasing demand.

The many endeavours the AFC supports have a common social mission: to increase financial literacy and encourage youth to imagine a career in mathematics, finance, or science. Further to this is a mandate to support actuarial research on topics involving risk and societal issues.

This year’s campaign saw the AFC take a more engaged approach by asking supporters to share the campaign via email with their networks, friends, and colleagues – a gracious action that helped the AFC not only reach but exceed its target goal.

The AFC also increased its communication efforts: recognizing on its website donors who have given amounts of $250 or more and collaborating with the CIA to inform its members about the campaign in a December announcement.  

“Without the financial and administrative support of the CIA, the AFC would not be able to do as much. We express our warm thanks to the Institute for their greatly appreciated help,” says Michel Giguère, AFC Director.

Partnership with JA Canada

The AFC has funded financial literacy programs for students in grades 4 to 12 for many years; the largest of which has been provided in partnership with Junior Achievement (JA) Canada.

In September 2019, the AFC expanded its relationship with JA by recruiting volunteers to become JA Canada mentors. An opportunity that brings actuarial expertise into classrooms across the country to help educate students on financial literacy, entrepreneurship, and work-readiness skills.

Accordingly, the AFC called on the support of the CIA to promote the JA mentorship program to its membership:

 “The response was overwhelming,” says Alan Cooke, AFC Vice-Chair. “Over 80 CIA members, from all parts of Canada, signed up to teach JA classes!”

The JA mentorship program is another reminder of the added value actuaries can bring to public life. Advancing the financial literacy of students across Canada, through programs like JA, is a small way to ensure the AFC’s vision: “A public well-educated in financial and risk-related matters.”

Become a JA mentor

Did you know the CIA recognizes two or more completed JA programs as equivalent to a term of service on a CIA committee? Terms of service awarded count towards the CIA volunteer recognition awards.

Learn how you can get involved in the JA mentor program by contacting volunteer@cia-ica.ca.

AFC revamps its website

Thanks to the support of the CIA Head Office, the AFC’s website has undergone a transformation.

Following several months of close collaboration, the AFC’s website has been updated with a new look and modern layout, reflecting the forward-moving goals of the AFC and the profession. To learn more about who we are and what we do: https://afc-fac.ca/.

Looking forward

The AFC is already looking ahead to its 2020 campaign, where it will increase efforts to reach a larger number of potential donors as well as corporate sponsors – once the pandemic is further behind us.

The AFC is grateful to the individual supporters who made the effort to reach potential donors during the campaign. They represent the heart of our fundraising activities. The AFC is also most thankful to all its donors who enable the Foundation to support meaningful programs for the Canadian public.

Reflecting on the generosity of the AFC donors and their passing remarks, Michel adds “One of the main benefits of giving is the impact it makes on society and the happiness it brings to the donor.”

If you want to volunteer as an AFC supporter during the AFC’s 2020 fall campaign, contact Michel Giguère, AFC Director.

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