A conversation with Sam Broverman

After 45 years of teaching actuaries and being connected to the actuarial profession, University of Toronto professor Sam Broverman will be retiring in 2022. In this episode, Sam reflects on his years as an instructor, and discusses his sideline hobby as a jazz performer.


  • Professor Broverman,
    As one of your thousand actuarial students at University of Toronto, I are very proud of being your student. For me, the most appreciation for you is that I have done great job in actuarial career over 16 years after graduation from U of T in 2005.
    Best and warmest for your retirement and you are very missed by all of your students.
    Gary Wang

    • Thanks Gary. It is great to hear from you and that your career is going well. I hope you and your family have been well during the pandemic.

  • Best of luck in retirement Professor Broverman. You made us all strive to be better. Those actuarial exams at U of T were tough! But you were a fair professor who made time for us. It took me ten years after graduation to realize the “gold standard” education that I got because of you. Several years after graduation, we bumped into each other on the subway. You expressed interest in my career and enquired how I was doing. I enjoyed that ride on the TTC and chance to connect with you again. Keep playing.

    • Great interview Sam and Chris. Nice to hear both your voices. I’ve seen and heard Sam sing live in Canada’s top choir. Top guy. Thanks for this Chris.

      • Hi Harry,

        Thanks. How are things out on the left coast? Congratulations on 75. I hope I can get that far. It would be great to see you some time. I have family in Vancouver and might make it over to the island.

    • Hi Terry,

      So good to hear from you. Maybe we will bump into each other on the subway again. I hope all is well.

  • Great interview Sam and Chris. Nice to hear both your voices. I’ve seen and heard Sam sing live in Canada’s top choir. Top guy. Thanks for this Chris.

  • Sam and Chris,

    I truly enjoyed this. Had not heard the “actuary” song before, but have enjoyed another of Sam’s albums.

    Best for a healthy and happy retirement Sam. You’ve earned that and more.

    Rob Brown

  • Chris and Prof Broverman this is a very interesting person of interest session (episode 109). Professor Broverman quite an interesting combination of skills, actuarial math, and jazz. I would have visited U of T just to sit in one of your classes.

    Professor Broverman my initial impression is that there are more requirements to get to associateship and definitely much more to fellowship. What would be a good recipe for turning better equipped actuarial professionals without necessarily lengthening too much the pathway years to qualification?

  • Thank you for helping me pass my actuarial exams.
    I will definitely stream your jazz albums 😊
    Enjoy your well deserved retirement!

  • Really loved the podcast! Very interesting and of course love the song on the actuary, I got all teary-eyed hearing it! I didn’t have the pleasure of having you as a teacher although I did one semester of my degree at UofT. But thank you for the podcast, it was great to listen to it. I would be happy to contribute to the Juno fund ;-).

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