A fresh brand for a fresh future

By Sandra Caya, Director of Communications, Marketing, and Public Affairs at the CIA

We are excited to introduce a new brand for the Canadian Institute of Actuaries!

Why the change?

The world is changing, and the CIA is growing alongside it. Actuaries are facing new global challenges, working in new industries and new areas of focus, and making new connections with partners and organizations at home and around the world.

“We are going through a period of transition, as we are making inroads into new areas of focus for the profession and we want to be better understood, more approachable, and more relevant. I’m so excited with our new brand, which reflects this modern outlook for the CIA.”

– Hélène Pouliot, FCIA, CIA President-Elect

Our brand reflects this growth and captures our modern identity: we are professional, experienced, real, diverse, and proudly Canadian. And we can have a bit of fun too!

We are also renewing our promise as the qualifying and governing body of the actuarial profession in Canada: to use our integrity, insight, and foresight to support financial decision-making and improve the future of people and organizations across Canada and everywhere we operate. 

What’s changed?

The CIA’s new logo combines a sharpened maple leaf to showcase our Canadian spirit, with chevrons to echo the precision of actuarial science and our vision of growth and momentum for the profession.

Our green hues are fresh and distinctive, showing that we’re focused on the future, combined with secondary colours for some pop. Our original dark blue is still there, because we know it’s hard to say goodbye!

The primary font we’re using is Neue Montreal. Not only does its shape reflect our precision and professionalism, it’s a homemade design, from Montreal, originally developed for Expo 67.

The imagery and photography we use is diverse and authentic, showing that people are at the heart of what we do. Our voice and style of writing makes us accessible and real, and we truly want to make a connection with our readers.

We’ve also refreshed some of our positioning, like in our boilerplate text, where we’ve emphasized our focus on people and on the future:

The Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA) is the qualifying and governing body of the actuarial profession in Canada. We develop and uphold rigorous standards, share our risk management expertise, and advance actuarial science to improve lives in Canada and around the world. Our more than 6,000 members apply their knowledge of math, statistics, data analytics, and business in providing services and advice of the highest quality to help Canadian people and organizations face the future with confidence.

“Our new brand is optimistic, bright, and forward-focused. It will reinforce our commitment to better serve members, to build a stronger community of professionals, and to make actuaries more visible to those who don’t know who we are ⁠–⁠ yet.”

– Michel Simard, CIA Executive Director

What’s next?

We’ll be rolling out our new brand over the coming weeks and months, and we would love to hear from you if you have questions or reactions. We would also be happy to share our brand book and logo package with partners and collaborators who need it.

We’re excited to show you that actuaries aren’t working in the background, behind the scenes: we’re right here, part of the action. We’re young and young at heart – and we’re inclusive. Now our brand reflects the true face of the profession.

Contact us at style@cia-ica.ca.

Thank you to Banfield Agency for helping develop our new brand package, to the actuaries and stakeholders involved in consultations to get this right, and to the CIA leadership and staff who have supported the process.

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