New CIA statement explores the vital link between education and longevity

As societies worldwide face the challenges of an aging population, understanding the factors that affect longevity is critical for crafting effective public health and education policies and fostering healthier, more equitable communities.

In line with this initiative, the CIA is proud to announce its latest insight statement, Education and Longevity, developed by members Peter Gorham, FCIA, Jie (Jessica) Ji, FCIA, and Shantel Aris, ACIA.

Numerous studies have shown a correlation between education level and life expectancy. Our statement not only explores this connection but also demonstrates how higher educational achievements are associated with longer lifespans and better health outcomes across diverse demographics.

Key highlights of Education and Longevity include:

  • An analysis of the correlation between wealth and longevity
  • Global differences in education levels and their impact on longevity
  • Social security and health care spending

“A change has occurred in the key drivers of living a longer, healthier life. Previous studies said that wealth was the major driver. But recent studies say that education is now a bigger factor than wealth.”

CIA President Steve Prince, FCIA

Education and Longevity is now available in both English and French. Review the statement to gain valuable insights for shaping healthier communities and aid in the development of robust public policies.

Driving Longevity through Educational Attainment – A Literature Review, a member paper by Robert Brown, FCIA, served as the catalyst for the development of this statement. This initial paper delved into numerous studies that centered on this pivotal relationship.

Robert shared his insights on the paper during a featured episode of the Seeing Beyond Risk podcast – tune in to hear more about his findings.

What are your thoughts on the link between education and longevity? Join the conversation below and let’s work together toward a brighter, healthier future.

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