Episode 101: Impacts of climate change on actuarial practice

Climate change was a popular topic of discussion at this year’s act21 conference, with several sessions addressing its impact on actuarial practice. Members of the CIA Climate Change and Sustainability Committee – FCIAs André Choquet, Zahir Bhanji, and Frédéric Matte – join us to review what was covered, and how these conversations will shape the profession’s challenges going forward.

Documents mentioned in this episode (in order):
• Navigating Uncertainty in Climate Change, OSFI, January 2021
• Advice statement to OSFI on navigating uncertainty in climate change, CIA, June 1, 2021
• Time to Act: Facing the Risks of a Changing Climate, CIA, September 24, 2019
• Practice Resource Document: Climate Change Scenario, CIA, April 1, 2021
• Factoring Climate Risk and Financial Valuation, Intact Centre on Climate adaptation, March 2020

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