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The diverse challenges of actuarial evidence

Although it is one of our smaller practice areas, the actuarial evidence (AE) field has no shortage of interesting challenges. Amelia Burns, FCIA and a member of the Actuarial Evidence Committee, provides an overview of some of the current issues in AE and how they are being resolved.

COVID-19 and the oil shock: the case for a black swan event

By Terence Narine, FCIA The content of this article should not be construed as an actuarial opinion or guidance on actuarial work. I do not have experience in some of the practice areas mentioned in this article, so my comments are made from the perspective of someone outside these areas. A black swan event can be viewed like the 1-in-200-year flood that we risk managers agonize over; a rare...

Criminal Interest Rates

What happens when the effective interest rate on a loan exceeds 60%? Find out about criminal interest rates, payday loans, and how actuaries bring actuarial evidence to bear in court. Featuring FCIAs Craig Allen, Principal at Craig A. Allen, FCAS; David Hart, Pension Consultant and Actuary at Hart Consulting; and Peter Gorham, Consulting Actuary and President of JDM Actuarial Expert Services...

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