Navigating the Actuarial Profession with 200 Episodes of Seeing Beyond Risk

As we mark the milestone of five years and 200 episodes of the Seeing Beyond Risk podcast, it’s the perfect moment to reflect on the captivating discussions and insights we’ve had with our members and industry experts.

Logo Seeing Beyond RiskFrom navigating evolving actuarial job markets to delving into the nuances of predictive analytics and climate change, to sharing human interest stories in the actuarial profession, each episode has offered a unique perspective on the multifaceted world of actuarial science. Let’s take a journey through some of the standout English episodes that have made Seeing Beyond Risk a trusted resource for actuaries and enthusiasts alike. Take a look at our French article to see the top 10 podcast episodes in that language.

1. Reflecting Climate Change in the Canada Pension Plan (Episode 192)

Assia Billig, FCIA and Chief Actuary of Canada delves into the incorporation of climate change considerations in the Canada Pension Plan’s projections, highlighting the crucial role of actuaries in addressing climate-related risks.

2. The Impact of Big Data on Insurance Ratemaking (Episode 139)

Fellows of the CIA, Matt Buchalter and Chris Cooney, explore the impact of big data on insurance ratemaking, emphasizing the need for responsible data usage while maximizing societal benefits.

3. New Pathways to CIA Membership (Episode 155)

Alicia Rollo, Director of Education and International Affairs at the CIA’s Head Office discusses the Institute’s innovative approaches to membership qualification, heralding new avenues for aspiring actuaries to become CIA members.

4. A look at the Job Market for Canadian Actuaries (Episode 145)

Adrian Czernick provides an insightful analysis of the evolving job market for Canadian actuaries, shedding light on the implications of changing working arrangements and the profession’s evolution.

5. The use of Predictive Analytics in the P&C Industry (Episode 138)

Denise Cheung, FCIA, Megan Kang, ACIA, and Adam Goldfarb examine the burgeoning realm of predictive analytics in the Canadian property and casualty industry, probing the readiness and challenges in adopting advanced data-driven techniques.

6. A Conversation with Sam Broverman (Episode 109)

University of Toronto professor Sam Broverman shares reflections on his illustrious career spanning 45 years, intertwining anecdotes from the classroom with his passion for jazz performance.

7. The diverse challenges of Actuarial Evidence (Episode 126)

Amelia Burns, FCIA, provides a comprehensive overview of the diverse challenges faced in the field of actuarial evidence, offering insights into current issues and their resolutions.

8. Examining Impostor Syndrome (Episode 169)

Lisa Bolduc, FCIA, and Justin Deonarine explore the phenomenon of impostor syndrome within the actuarial profession, offering strategies to overcome self-doubt and thrive in one’s career.

9. Incorporating Climate Risk into Financial Condition Testing (Episode 177)

FCIAs Christian Nadeau-Alary, David Mamane and Houston Cheng discuss the complexities of incorporating climate risk into financial condition testing, offering insights into the challenges faced by actuaries in this domain.

10. South African Actuarial Success in Elusive Banking Opportunities (Episode 123)

Rolly Molisho, ACIA and Fellow of the Actuarial Society of South Africa sheds light on the success of South African actuaries in banking and credit risk modelling, drawing parallels and distinctions with the Canadian landscape.

11. Dominik Briault on Actuaries in Estate Planning (Episode 143)

Dominik Briault, FCIA, shares insights into the role of actuaries in estate planning, offering guidance for those interested in venturing into this non-traditional practice area.

12. Investing for the CPP in challenging times (Episode 152)

Geoffrey Rubin provides a nuanced perspective on investing for the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) amid challenging economic conditions, shedding light on CPP Investments’ strategic approach.

13. Examining the Considerations of Going Concern Discount Rates for Pension Plans (Episode 116)

Gavin Benjamin, FCIA, explores the intricacies of selecting going concern discount rates for pension plans, drawing from his research to illuminate key considerations for actuaries.

14. Exploring the Lifetime Pension Pool Design Elements (Episode 189)

FCIAs Jean-François Bégin and Barbara Sanders discuss the innovative concept of variable payment life annuities and share insights from their research collaboration, offering a glimpse into the evolving landscape of pension plan design.

15. The Return of Inflation (Episode 130)

François Bourdon, FCIA, and Sohini Chowdhury examine the resurgence of inflation and its potential ramifications – particularly for pension actuaries – providing valuable insights into emerging economic trends.

16. Educating Actuaries in the 21st Century (Episode 147)

Bruno Gagnon, FCIA, reflects on the dynamic landscape of actuarial education, offering perspectives on adapting instructional approaches to meet the evolving needs of aspiring actuaries in the 21st century.

17. Portrait of the Actuary as Artist (Episode 157)

Haris Sardar, FCIA, showcases the diverse talents within the actuarial community, sharing his journey as a painter and offering a glimpse into the intersection of actuarial science and artistic expression.

From dissecting industry trends to unravelling complex concepts, each episode of Seeing Beyond Risk encapsulates the spirit of innovation and exploration that defines the actuarial field. As we continue to deliver thought-provoking discussions, we look ahead to the next 200 episodes of insightful discourse and discovery!

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