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Actuarial focus on mitigating climate risks and adapting to change

As the Actuaries Climate Index and other climate-related measurements continue to tick upwards, the question is what do we do with these data? Are Canada and the provinces putting enough effort towards adapting our infrastructure to the potential consequences of climate change? How can Canadian actuaries get more involved in climate-related risk management and apply their expertise to the...

Autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles represent the future of driving, and to some extent, are already with us. What does this mean for the auto insurance business and for actuaries that practice in the property and casualty field? Alex Liu, ACIA, joins us in this episode to discuss the details on the world of driverless cars and its implications for the Canadian actuarial profession.

How will P&C actuaries respond and react to the emerging changes to the economy?

By Houston Cheng, FCIA, Chair of the Property and Casualty Insurance Financial Reporting Committee, and Chair of the P&C Insurance Subcommittee of the Committee on Continuing Education The Property and Casualty Insurance Financial Reporting Committee (PCFRC), along with other CIA councils and committees, have had many discussions on how actuaries might respond and react to the emerging...

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