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Text Analytics: A Twitter case study

The increasing availability of big data and the use of predictive analytics are changing how insurers and actuaries operate. As companies face growing competitive pressures to perform, knowing how to mine and recognize the importance of data, in all forms, becomes a prime advantage.

More the same than different: Data science and its relationship with actuarial science

Data science and actuarial science are both multidisciplinary in nature; they extract insights from data and require strong understanding of the underlying business processes and domain knowledge to be successful at accomplishing the task. A deeper understanding of data science can allow actuaries to leverage data science results in their work and find more applications in emerging practice areas.

Your Board: Keeping a close watch

The CIA President explains how the Board operates, offers some examples, and provides an overview of the key questions Board members discussed at their meeting in September.

Real-time Epidemic Datathon: A tool for disease outbreak analysis

This article originally appeared on the CIA COVID-19 Hub. Real-time Epidemic Datathon is a collective, open-source, real-time forecasting challenge aimed at joining forces to push modelling limits further for real-time epidemic forecasting at a large scale. Organized by several partner organizations, the goal of the project is to bring together researchers and students from different...

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