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The Actuarial Aspects of ERM

The CIA is releasing a series of practice resource documents providing information on the foundations of enterprise risk management (ERM). In this episode, Claude Désilets, FCIA and member of the Committee on Enterprise Risk Management, shares what we can expect from the first paper.

How much risk is too much?

Do you know the differences between risk capacity, risk tolerance, and risk limits? Meagan Orr, FCIA, Vice-Chair of the CIA’s Committee on Enterprise Risk Management, joins us on this episode to discuss risk appetite and its role in fulfilling a company’s objectives.

Preparing for future pandemics with a risk management framework

Actuarial interest in COVID-19 is being approached from several angles: the impact on longevity and healthcare costs, the effect on insurance and benefit plans, and the economic disruption that could shape long-term investment returns, pricing, and funding. Yet even with all this to consider, there are still other areas that could benefit from the application of actuarial expertise, such as the...

An ERM approach to cyber risk management

Cyber security risk has become an increasingly important risk for companies to manage. However, many organizations struggle with this, and reach approaches that are inappropriate or directionally incorrect. In this episode, Sim Segal, FSA, CERA joins us to discuss how a value-based enterprise risk management approach can address this issue.

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