New publication on managing risks related to climate, housing and long COVID

The CIA released Enterprise Risk Management: Managing Risks in Uncertain Times. Comprised of six thought-provoking articles, this publication delves into the evolving landscape of risk management, providing invaluable insights for risk practitioners across industries.

“Recent years have seen the global economy facing extraordinary events, including a pandemic, an increase in geopolitical tensions and disruptions in the supply chain. These and other changes highlight a need for experts with a thorough understanding of risk dynamics – and those experts are actuaries.”

Michael Cao, FCIA and Chair of the CIA’s Enterprise Risk Management Practice Committee

The booklet showcases the diverse perspectives of subject matter experts, comprising both actuaries and non-actuaries, who cover a wide array of topics, providing insights into the challenges and opportunities associated with risk management in today’s dynamic world, including:

  • Risk disclosures by Sim Segal and Luna Xue of SimErgy Consulting
  • Inflation risk in P&C reserves by Marc-André Busque, FCIA, and Fiona So, ACIA, of RSM Canada Actuarial Services
  • Climate transition risk by Frédéric Matte, FCIA, and Karen Grote
  • Long COVID by Priya Dwarakanath of Swiss Re Institute
  • Housing – rent versus buy by Joe Nunes, FCIA
  • Managing risks in retirement plans by Peter Gorham, FCIA

“This publication underscores the CIA’s commitment to promoting excellence and innovation in risk management. By sharing these ideas and expertise, the Institute continues to empower professionals to navigate the complex and ever-evolving world of risk.”

Steve Prince, FCIA and CIA President

Download the booklet and gain comprehensive insights into today’s risk management challenges.

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