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Climate Risk from the Canada Pension Plan’s Perspective

Assia Billig, FCIA, FSA; Christine Dunnigan, FCIA, FSA; and Jackie Ruan, FCIA, FCAS

In a world marked by extreme weather events and climate uncertainties, understanding the financial landscape becomes crucial. Discover the Office of the Chief Actuary's (OSFI) innovative approach to assessing climate-related risks and their potential impact on social programs.

Exploring the Lifetime Pension Pool Design Elements

The 2019 Canadian federal budget introduced the concept of variable payment life annuities, or VPLAs, a mechanism by which pension plans could pool longevity and investment risks. To better understand how to design these types of plans, the CIA and the Society of Actuaries co-sponsored a research project to investigate the different elements of these arrangements. In this episode, FCIAs Jean...

The impact of big data on insurance ratemaking

Big data and risk classification: Understanding the actuarial and social issues is the CIA’s latest policy statement. In this episode of the podcast, Matt Buchalter, FCIA and Chris Cooney, FCIA speak about the need for this statement, the benefits that increased data collection can have on insurance ratemaking and society, how policyholder privacy is paramount, and how data collection is expected...

The use of predictive analytics in the P&C industry

One of the more interesting emerging areas in the actuarial world is predictive analytics, techniques of which include data modelling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. But are we ready to embrace these forward-looking technologies? In this episode, Denise Cheung (FCIA), Megan Kang (ACIA), and Adam Goldfarb join us to discuss their research paper that examines the use of big data and...

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