COVID-19 Virtual Town Halls

This article originally appeared on the CIA COVID-19 Hub.

To help actuaries consider the impact of COVID-19 on their practice, the CIA hosted a series of webcasts from April to May 2020. Visit the archives below to catch up on any discussions you missed.  

Webcast archives

May 29, 2020 – Actuaries and the consequences of COVID-19 on pension plan investments

CIA members discuss investment scenarios to determine impacts on plan financial health. Find out about the day-to-day activities they face – such as the risk management related to large public pension plan investments, balancing precision versus a plausible range of outcomes, and the importance of translating data from multiple sources into clear communications for non-technical audiences.

May 8, 2020 – Exploring the effects of a pandemic crisis on life and health insurance  

CIA members discuss the impacts of the virus on life and health insurance, both individual and group. Find out about coverage, pricing, contributions, timelines, and how these businesses are making decisions in this extraordinary situation. 

May 1, 2020 – What does COVID-19 mean for pension plans and retirement planning?  

CIA members can learn how the pension and retirement practice areas are dealing with big questions linked to the COVID-19 crisis: Should contribution rates change? How will the economic recession change the face of retirement? Will COVID-19 mortality rates affect pension planning?

April 24, 2020 – CIA Virtual Town Hall – How property and casualty insurance providers are dealing with COVID-19 pressures on coverage and options

CIA members can hear from expert P&C actuaries about the risks in areas such as personal and commercial property, income and employment, exclusions and pricing, and how the changes in day-to-day life – such as less driving – is affecting insurance decision-making.

April 3, 2020 – CIA Virtual Town Hall – How is COVID-19 impacting the work of actuaries?  

CIA members can listen to the CIA’s first Virtual Town Hall on COVID-19 for a discussion between panelists on the impacts of the virus on their day-to-day operations, business decision-making, and their outlook for the future.

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