Introducing the newest voices on the CIA Board

We are pleased to announce the election of five new members to the CIA Board, effective July 1, 2024:

Angelita Graham, FCIA

Christiane Bourassa, FCIA
Debarshi Chatterjee, FCIA
Alena Kharkavets, FCIA
Erika Schurr, FCIA


Angelita GrahamAngelita Graham has been elected as the President-Elect of the CIA for the upcoming year. She will serve first as President-Elect, then as President and finally as Immediate Past President, guiding the Institute over the next three years.

Angelita’s journey with the CIA began in 2008, and her dedication has been evident through her numerous volunteer roles and leadership positions, including chairing the Eligibility and Education Council. Her contributions have been recognized with the Award of Excellence in 2020, reflecting her commitment to the profession.

As President-Elect, Angelita will focus on education and public interest. She aims to ensure the CIA’s education system remains at the forefront of industry trends and technological advancements, and she will promote the adoption of emerging technologies to enhance actuarial practice. Notably, she is dedicated to elevating the profession’s influence in public policy debates and strengthening the CIA’s voice as a trusted authority in risk assessment and public policy.

With her proven track record of leadership and dedication to advancing the actuarial profession, Angelita Graham is poised to lead the CIA toward a brighter future.


Elected for a three-year term, each Director brings with them a unique vision and breadth of knowledge.

Christiane Bourassa

Christiane BourassaWith a strong emphasis on fostering intellectual capital and driving innovation, Christiane has been instrumental in supporting Canadian group insurance initiatives, gaining crucial insights into the intricacies of well-being and financial health. Her vision for the CIA Board is centered around empowering members to excel, championing innovation to tackle challenges and cultivating a new generation of actuaries to uphold professional excellence. Christiane’s extensive industry experience and unwavering dedication to excellence will undoubtedly contribute toward the Institute’s continued success.

Debarshi Chatterjee

Debarshi ChatterjeeHaving more than two decades of global actuarial experience, Debarshi possesses a deep understanding of diverse working environments. His active involvement in CIA committees and his leadership roles at Definity Insurance Company demonstrate his dedication to advancing the profession. Emphasizing the importance of supporting Canadian actuaries through educational initiatives, he is committed to tackling emerging challenges such as climate change and technological advancements. Inspired by the institute’s strategic plan, Debarshi aims to foster member engagement, leverage technology, and serve the public interest, while advocating for collaboration with global actuarial societies to ensure the profession remains competitive and relevant on a global scale.

Alena Kharkavets

Alena KharkavetsAlena has a diverse background spanning pricing, strategy, digital distribution, and more, and is committed to a holistic approach that considers both numbers and people. Her advocacy for the actuarial profession, demonstrated through her involvement with the CIA, Actuarial Students’ National Association and the Casualty Actuarial Society, reflects her dedication to advancing the field. As a Director, she aims to further the Institute’s goals of building its brand, providing valuable resources for members and serving the public interest. With her expertise in digital distribution and sustainability initiatives, Alena will make meaningful contributions to the Institute’s success and the profession’s advancement.

Erika Schurr

Erika SchurrWith more than 20 years of experience in the actuarial profession, including a recent term on the Casualty Actuarial Society’s Board of Directors, Erika is committed to advancing the profession’s strategic vision. She has served on several influential industry committees and actively engaged in discussions on emerging topics, such as artificial intelligence as well as climate risk mitigation, and is dedicated to transparency, accountability, and open communication. Erika’s extensive volunteerism reflects her deep passion for the actuarial profession.

Facing future risks and championing tomorrow

With the continued growth of both the Institute and the profession, these newly appointed Board members will be instrumental in the Institute’s vision of financial security for all Canadians.

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