Welcoming Conrad Ferguson as incoming CIA President

The Canadian Institute of Actuaries (CIA) is pleased to announce the appointment of Conrad Ferguson, FCIA, as its new President for the 2024-2025 term, effective July 1, 2024. Conrad brings a wealth of experience to the position, with more than four decades of performing influential work in both the insurance and consulting industries.

Throughout his career, Conrad has focused on pensions and workers’ compensation, with a particular emphasis on the development of sound funding policies. His consulting work with bipartite and tripartite boards has provided him with a broad perspective on a wide range of (sometimes conflicting) views, enabling him to navigate complex challenges effectively.

Career and volunteer journey

Conrad started his career in the insurance industry. In the late 1980s, he transitioned to consulting, initially working as a generalist in pensions, workers’ compensation, group insurance and actuarial evidence.

During this same period, Conrad began his journey with the CIA, kicking off what would become a strong commitment to volunteering. His efforts would not go unnoticed, being presented with the Award of Excellence in 2017 at the CIA Legacy Awards. Conrad’s extensive volunteer involvement has seen him serve on the following groups:

  • Actuarial Evidence Committee
  • Former Practice Standards Council and several of its designated groups
  • Committee on Professional Conduct
  • Committee on Workers’ Compensation as Chair (notably during the adoption of the first standard for workers’ compensation practice)
  • Actuarial Standards Board as Chair
  • Various task forces and ad hoc groups

Working in pensions and workers’ compensation allowed him to provide his expertise and support to public task forces and review committees in these areas. His career has also included significant management responsibilities, both in insurance and consulting roles.

Addressing evolving challenges

While running for President-Elect, Conrad highlighted the need for both the profession and the Institute to face evolving challenges:

“The world is in constant evolution and the pace of change is ever increasing. Like all professional organizations responsible for serving the public interest, the CIA must respond appropriately to these challenges.”

He further emphasized the importance of the CIA responding appropriately to these changes, particularly regarding environmental impacts on financial programs as well as advancements in artificial intelligence and data analytics. These emerging areas demand thoughtful actuarial solutions to continue serving the public through responsive and responsible practices.

Vision for the future

As President, Conrad aims to ensure the CIA maintains a solid foundation through education, continuing professional development and standards of practice. He is committed to building strong partnerships with other professionals and experts to further develop the actuarial skill set.

Conrad’s reputation as a listener and team player – coupled with his openness to new ideas and dedication to achieving successful outcomes – will serve the CIA well during his tenure. By advocating for the profession’s agility and adaptability, identifying emerging practice areas early and responding effectively to change, he strives to maintain the CIA’s placement at the forefront of actuarial practice.

The Institute and its members can look forward to his leadership and the passion he brings to advancing the actuarial profession.

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The following comments were shared by readers:

Terry Narine: So great to meet you in person Conrad in Seoul. Congratuations on your new role. Looking forward to chatting in a few weeks. Take care till then.


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